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La Cenerentola ~ Seattle Opera

Seattle Times, Meilna Bargreen

"Karin Mushegain - an excellent singing actress - sailed through the title role with an assured performance."

La Cenerentola ~ Seattle Opera

Seattle Gay Times, Rod Parke

"Sunday's performance was greatly enhanced by California Native, Karin Mushegain, whose Cinderella was charming, expressive, superbly sung and quite expressive.  This time the fast passages were no mere exercises for showing off; they were emotionally expressive.  Her closing aria was dashed off with gleeful exuberance.  Equally, her acting was utterly believable and pulled the listener into her adventure.

Le nozze di Figaro ~ Opera San Jose

The Mercury News, Elijah Ho

“ Standout mezzo-soprano Karin Mushegain, in the crowd-pleasing trouser role of Cherubino, delivered stupendously; her canzona “Voi che sapete” was convincing and beautifully supported by the woodwinds. Her contorted facial expressions were a delight, and her comedic timing brilliant.”

La Cenerentola ~ Bob Jones

The Greenville News, Paul Hyde

“ Karin Mushegain’s Angelina is no wilting daisy but a “Cinderella” with charm, gumption, and self-possesion.  She sings her flourid music marvelously, with a focused bright tone and great agility.”

Daphnis & Chloe ~ Heartbeat Opera

Opera News, Joshua Rosenblum

“ As Daphnis, Karin Mushegain sang with an appealing clear, ringing mezzo and unusually good diction.  She subtly incorporated just the right touch of masculinity when appropriate, swaggeringly knowingly after her indoctrination by the nymphs.”

Le nozze di Figaro ~ Virginia Opera

The Washington Post ~ Joan Reinthaler

"Karin Mushegain managed the trouser role of Cherubino as convincingly and as delightfully as any I can recall...with high energy, and exquisite comedic timing."

Le nozze di Figaro ~ Virginia Opera

The Washington Times ~ Terry Ponick

"Diminutive mezzo-soprano Karin Mushegain does a terrific job in this trouser role.  With a voice as bright as a silvery bell and a boyish swagger that emphazies the comedy in every scene in which she appears."

Seatte Opera ~ Le nozze di Figaro

Seattle Times, Melinda Bargreen

“ Karin Mushegain was vocally and physically nimble as a particularly athletic Cherubino.”

Seattle Opera ~ Le nozze di Figaro

Opera News, Mark Mandel

“ Karin Mushegain’s quirky, strutting Cherubino was a kick to watch.”

Le nozze di Figaro ~ Virginia Opera

Richmond Times Dispatch ~ Roy Proctor

"Mezzo-soprano, Karin Mushegain, is a standout as the hormonally propelled teenager Cherubino."

Cinco Canciones Negras & Zarzuela ~ Colorado Spring Philharmonic

Colorado Springs Gazette ~ David Sckolnik

"Mushegain was the most pleasant surprise of the evening.  The American captured all the sensuality and bite of Spanish sensability with rich voice and infectious theatricality.  We can only hope that we might see her again on the symphonic, recital, or operatic stage."

Romeo et Juliette ~ Annapolis Opera

Capital Gazette ~ David Lindauer

"Her little mocking song that sparks the central swordfight in the opera was exquisitely sung and acted out."

El Gato con botas ~ Gotham Chamber Opera

Opera News ~ Joanna Sydney Lessner

"Karin Mushegain voiced the Cat with a youthful soprano-hued mezzo and plenty of give and take with her enchanting evening that was best summed up by my nine-year-old companion: " I heart this."

El Gato con botas ~ Gotham Chamber Opera

New York Post ~ James Jordan

"Puss, who seeks to win his owner the Miller's respect through a series of daunting quests was embodied by puppeteers from Blind Summit Theater and voiced by the pristine mezzo-soprano Karin Mushegain."

Hansel and Gretel ~ Virginia Opera

Hampton Roads ~ David Adam Beloff

"Virgina Opera's production of "Hansel and Gretel" was perfect and surreal...I particularly loved Hansel who performed the part in such a fun and boyish way that audience members could not keep themselves from smiling and laughing out loud throughout the entire show."

Hansel and Gretel ~ Virginia Opera

~ Richmond Times Dispatch ~ Roy Proctor

"'Hansel and Gretel' calls for its title children to be played by adult women, and that proves the downfall of many productions.  Not here.  Mezzo-soprano, Karin Mushegain, as Hansel, and soprano Julia Ebner, as Gretel, are completely credible as children.  They perform as well as the sing."

Flight ~ Austin Lyric Opera

Austin Chronicle ~ Michael Kellerman

"Mushegain handles the ups and down of her character's plight with steady determination and nails the party vocally with a strong, yearning performanc."

Flight ~ Austin Lyric Opera

Incident Light ~ Michael Greenberg

"Mezzo-soprano Karin Mushegain, as the pregnant wife of a diplomat, was glorious in the aria with the evening's greatest emotional wallop." 

Tolomeo ~ Glimmerglass Opera

The New York Times ~ Steve Smith

"Karin Mushegain and Steven LaBrie, from the Glimmerglass Young Artist Program, were superb as Alessandro and Araspe."

Tolomeo ~ Glimmerglass Opera

CNY Cafe Momus ~ David Rubin

"Karin Mushegain, a mezzo, sang Alessandro with skill and a feel for Baroque style...she is a full participant in the action of Act Two, holding her own with the other ladies on stage (Joelle Harvey and Julie Boulianne)."

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